Monday, May 2, 2016

अद्वैतमकरन्दः Advaita MakarandaH - Verse 1

Verse 1
कटाक्षकिरणाचान्तनमन्मोहाब्धये नमः ।
अनन्तानन्दकृष्णाय जगन्मङ्गलमूर्तये ॥१॥
कट-अक्ष-किरण-आचान्त-नमत्-मोह-अब्धये 4/1 नमः 0
अनन्त-आनन्द-कृष्णाय जगत्-मङ्गल-मूर्तये 4/1 ॥१॥
कट-अक्ष-किरण-आचान्त-नमत्-मोह-अब्धये 4/1 अनन्त-आनन्द-कृष्णाय 4/1 जगत्-मङ्गल-मूर्तये 4/1 नमः 0 ॥१॥
My salutations to Lord Kṛṣa, with whose ray of light of the glance, the ocean of delusion for those who salute him is dried up by whom, whose form is the limitless happiness, and whose form is the maker of auspicious for the world.

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